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Social media guidelines


Joining our social community can not only give you the latest up-to-date information in real-time, but you can also enjoy exclusive offers, competitions and fantastic travel tips and inspiration.

Our social community now spans across four social network channels each with their own unique purpose, so in order for you to ensure you're following the right community for you, we've detailed each channel and what we use it for.


As Twitter moves so quickly, we have created a range of Twitter accounts so we only talk to you about the information you want to know. Here's a list of all our accounts and the purposes of each account:


We understand that people consume Facebook very differently to other social media channels. Therefore, we use our Facebook page to inspire you to travel, whether that's in the UK or abroad using one of our airport services.

We keep this page updated with exclusive competitions, bespoke offers and great reasons to travel. As a general rule, we don't put service information on Facebook unless it's a large scale disruption. Our Facebook wall is open, so feel free to post a comment direct to our wall or via a private message and we'll respond accordingly.

Google+ and Instagram

We're relatively new on both Google+ and Instagram, so please bear with us while we establish our community and presence within these channels.

We'll be using both these channels to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, offers and competitions as well as fantastic travel inspiration to get you out and about exploring what the world has to offer.

Social engagement guidelines

Whichever channel you decide to engage with us on, please feel free to like, share, retweet, +1 or even voice your ideas and opinions. We'll always aim to get back to you within 30 minutes of you tweeting , commenting or sending us a message through Facebook.

All we ask of you, is that you keep all comments respectful and relevant to the post you're commenting on. We would also ask you to avoid spamming our pages with promotions of products outside of National Express.

If we feel any comment breaches the above guidelines, then we reserve the right to remove these at anytime and without notice.

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